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Saturn Pedals is a brand that incorporates technology into its products, making them the most advanced guitar equipment developed in Brazil today.


Through software updates, our products manage to stay ahead of the market for years. You will not see your product become obsolete or suffer from depreciation when the new brand release occurs.


We have excellent after-sales service, full support in using your products, and a strong active community on WhatsApp for exchanging information and usage tips.


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I picked up an Oxygen with my Titan and the clarity of the tone is impressive.

I use a lot of pedals (16) and had them all connected in series. Just by doing that, I was losing a lot of the signal. Then with the Titan, I already took a huge weight off and the signal got stronger. But the real game changer was putting the buffer in front of the input. I did this without telling the guys in my bands and they immediately noticed that the guitar sound was much clearer, more defined. Anyway, congratulations to Saturno for the quality of the products!
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Fulano de Tal
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Fulano de Tal



The Spacewalk has the power to extract the maximum from your sound, enriching it from classic to the most contemporary effects. Be ready for a resonance in every chord you play. You’ll feel as if you’re floating in the vacuum of space, transporting your music and essence with our reverb unit.

Original price was: $ 1,899.00.Current price is: $ 1,699.00.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Saturno cannot change/reverse the order of the loops. However, an additional module capable of making this change is in development. The module is scheduled to be released in mid-2021 and will be controlled wirelessly by Saturno.

Because Saturno is True Bypass (with no signal interference), it does not have a dedicated output for a tuner. However, it is possible to choose a Loop to connect the tuner with just one cable in the “send” of Saturno. By pressing any number for more than 1 second, Saturno enters Tuner mode, where it mutes the sound and routes it to the tuner, thus keeping the tuner out of the chain.

Saturno does not generate noise/pop during switching, so it does not require a silencing system during switching, thus providing immediate effect switching.

The antenna is used to communicate with other Saturno products. The products are in development and will arrive in 2021 with many new features. The first product is our module capable of making changes to the order of the chain.

Type-C Port: Saturno is compatible with macOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android. USB Port: Saturno is compatible with most USB devices, with the most popular being the Zoom pedalboards, Boss GT-1, Mooer GE200/150, Nux MG300, Strymon Iridium, etc. Please contact us to check compatibility if your product is not listed.