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The smartest functions inside the ultimate hardware makes the Saturn a powerful tool that will control not only your MIDI pedals, but also your entire setup with a single step (or NO step at all! And trust me, it is possible.) Each footswitch can be programmed to answer in several ways, and when combined with functions such as “Reclick” and “Hold” you”ll have endless possibilities to achieve what you want. Saturn is here to simplify your work and let you focus on what really matters — your music!  Alongside The Oxygen Buffer! That is an indispensable tool that will ensure your signal to be kept alive through your cables. You’ll notice a high-end detail, pressure and definition coming back to your tone. I can tell you that the feel is exactly like connecting your guitar with a short cable directly in your amplifier input. Bring on the Oxygen Buffer to your home and make your signal breath again!

Length: 48cm | 18.9″

Depth: 6cm | 2.36″ (8.8cm | 3.46″ with antenna)

Height: 6.7cm | 2.64″ (considering the tallest footswitch)

Weight: 1700g | 3.75 lbs

Current draw: 500mA

Power Supply: 9v (Center Negative)

Does not come with power supply

130 Patches | 26 Banks | 5 Footswitches + Bank Up & Bank Down | 4 Effects Loops for Classical Stomps | MIDI Out | USB A Host Connection (Full compatibility, even with equipments without USB MIDI) + USB C Type for firmware update and MIDI Support through PC/Mac/iOS/Android | Expression Pedal Input (Accepts pedal with Toe switch) | 2 Remote Switches Output (Control your AmpChannel, TapTempo, Pedal External Functions, etc) | Wireless Connectivity with Saturn® Equipments | Color Graphic Display

​And this one is to trend with #pedalboardoftheday

Guitarists don’t live only on presets. We know you want to interact with your configured presets, and by this we created the Actions! Where your footswitch can be programmed to perform a specific function, and interact with your actual preset. You can do a Tap Tempo, give a Volume Boost, turn On/Off effects, call your Tuner, change your amp channels. No limits here! Your creativity is in charge now.

Up to 24 MIDI Messages in just one step. PC and CC messages with channel separation. Full control of not just one, but all of your MIDI gear and full capability to perform at any and all functions available on your gear.

You can control through a single expression pedal the effects parameters of several other pedals. Also contains functions like Auto Turn On, Auto Turn Off, Range Control and also accepts expression with Toe Switch to better manage your controlled effect.

Full compatibility, even with equipment without USB MIDI. The Saturn is capable of controlling your USB gear like pedals, amps, multiFx and VST Plugins. And maximum compatibility with equipment like Zoom, Hotone, Mooer, Nux, Flamma, Boss Gt-1, Boss Katana, Marshall Code, Strymon Iridium, etc. And, of course, PC/Mac/iOS/Android.

Saturn Controllers are being constantly updated with new features ensuring a product that is always ahead of the market!

Able to fully automate your setup
It has the best functions to facilitate your play
Color Graphic Display

A high resolution menu and vivid colors! In addition to displaying a detailed and functional menu, the display is essential to position yourself well during your play!

High Quality Soft-Touch Footswitches

For an immediate, smooth and click-free activation! 

Saturn Pedals offers the best quality in signal routing through its effect loops. Using Japanese relays with gold-plated contacts, Saturno ensures the purity and quality of your sound!

With Reclick and Hold, a single Footswitch can have up to 3 Presets! It is also possible to use the Bank Up and Down to trigger commands using the Bank Fishing function.

Control up to 4 functions through the Remote Switch. The Remote Switch can control any function that your equipment allows to be operated through an external footswitch. It is possible to select amplifier channels, switch pedal channels, perform TapTempo, etc.

Ready for Wireless MIDI communication with other Saturno equipment. (Upcoming Saturno Delay and Reverb pedals can be controlled wirelessly through the controller.)

Currently in development, soon it will also be possible to program Saturno through a WebApp available directly in your browser.

Saturn Pedals are constantly updated with new features, ensuring a product that is always ahead of the market!

Firmware Updates

Through firmware updates, the Saturn Controller is a constantly evolving product. Guided mainly on customer feedback, Saturn is a product where the user actively participates in development, ensuring that it always has the best and smartest functions.

Absolute Hardware

Containing all possible control interfaces, Saturn is capable of controlling any type of setup! From VST plugins to Tube Amp Channels, and unlocking the power of your MIDI pedals and your USB multi-effects! All in a single step, with separate commands for each of them!

Easy to use & Incredible Customer Support!

With your Saturn you'll have a tap dancing free board! With support that goes beyond the controller, we help our customers to find the best connection for their setup, allowing them to get the most out of their equipment and get the best out of their play.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Supernova and Titan controllers offer similar functionalities, mainly varying in size and the number of specific features.

  1. Effect Loops: Titan has 8 Effect Loops, including a Fixed Loop (always on) between Loop 4 and Loop 5. On the other hand, Supernova has 4 Effect Loops.

  2. Footswitches: Titan is equipped with footswitches numbered from 1 to 8, while Supernova offers footswitches numbered from 1 to 5. Both models include BankUp and BankDown footswitches.

  3. Number of Presets: The Titan model features 208 Presets (A1-A8 … Z1-Z8), while the Supernova model has 130 Presets (A1-A5 … Z1-Z5).

  4. Size: Titan is 48cm in length, while Supernova is 30cm in length.

  5. Other features: Besides the differences mentioned above, both models share identical characteristics and functionalities.

The antenna is used to establish Wireless MIDI Connection between products from the Saturno brand. This connection allows for the control of the TimeSpace Delay pedal, for example, without the need for MIDI cables.

Wireless MIDI communication also allows a Saturno controller to remotely control another, opening up new possibilities for setting up setups. For example:

You can use one controller as a remote control at the front of the stage and another controller connected to the effects at the back. Both synchronized, when you activate the front controller, the effects will be controlled by the back controller, freeing up space at the front of the stage. Another option is to divide the effects between two controllers, with one at the front of the stage for pre-amplifier effects and another at the back for post-amplifier effects. This avoids the cable clutter of the 4-cable connection and simplifies the logistics of implementation.

The compatibility of the Saturno Controller is widely recognized in the market. Here are some of its main compatibilities:

Classic Pedals through its Effect Loop: Perfect integration with classic pedals, making the most of its Effect Loop. MIDI Equipment: Compatible with MIDI 5 Din, TRS, P2, and all its variants. USB Port Equipment: Supports a variety of equipment with USB ports and maintains its compatibility up to date through firmware updates. DAW and VST Plugin Control: Ability to control DAW and VST plugins on operating systems such as Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Wireless MIDI Communication Control with other Saturno brand equipment.

This versatility makes the Saturno Controller a reliable choice for a variety of applications. “If we don’t control it, no one else does!”

You can find the entire update procedure for your controller in the video (Hyperlink). Additionally, detailed instructions are also available in the product manual.

If the power in your city went out during the update of your controller and now you’re facing a white screen, don’t worry. There’s a recovery procedure that will solve this problem:

  1. Turn off the controller, disconnect the USB cable, and close the update program.
  2. Hold down Footswitch 1 and turn on the controller. The screen will remain white at this point.
  3. Once the controller is powered on, release Footswitch 1. Then, connect the USB cable and reopen the update program.
  4. Select the “.bin” update file and click on “Firmware Update” in the update program.
  5. Wait until the update process is completed. Once it’s finished, you can continue using your controller normally.

This procedure will fix the white screen and allow you to resume using your controller without issues.

In order to preserve the purity and quality of the signal, Saturno does not incorporate any electronics in the guitar signal path. This results in a pure signal free from timbre interference. However, this design choice means that the order of the effect loops cannot be changed.

A loop expander module is currently in development. This module will be a complementary product to the controller, allowing the addition of more effect loops and enabling the rearrangement of the order of effects, as well as the option to place them in parallel. Thus, users will have more flexibility to customize their effect chain according to their sonic preferences.